JGOD Uncovers Bren Stealth Buff

Throughout Season 1 of Warzone, the Bren Light Machine Gun (LMG) from Vanguard dominated the ever-changing metagame.

Armed with an incredible damage output with minimal drop-off, the LMG received a nerf as part of the weapon balancing introduced in the Season 2 update. As players search for viable alternatives, it appears Raven Software has secretly improved the Bren's performance.

When the Bren first appeared in the battle royale, its barrel attachments provided "unlimited range" and according to JGOD, the overpowered barrels have returned to Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Warzone Bren Stealth Buff
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Warzone Bren Stealth Buff

In his February 22 upload, the Warzone content creator highlights the damage values of the Bren, revealing levels of damage have increased in addition to the removal of a damage drop-off nerf.

This silent change enables players to eliminate opponents with fewer bullets, resulting in a time to kill of under 700 milliseconds.

The changes mean there are more options when it comes to selecting the best attachments for the Bren, but JGOD hopes that the buff was accidental, similar to how Raven Software accidentally improved Vanguard's PPSH SMG.

Will Raven Software Nerf The Bren?

With the mid-season update on the horizon, it's likely any secret improvements to the Bren will change in a bid to restore balance to the Warzone weapon arsenal.

More often than not, one gun stands out from the crowd but if some kind of balance is maintained, the meta won't grow stale.

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