Dr Disrespect Blasts Warzone Redeploy Balloons

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Despite his interest in Warzone being at an all-time low, content creator Dr Disrespect is never afraid to share his thoughts on Call of Duty's battle royale experience.

The Season 2 update introduced a wealth of new gameplay features ranging from AI-controlled armoured trucks to redeploy balloons that allow players to travel across Caldera with ease.

While several players are enjoying the changes, the two-time isn't a fan of the balloons, claiming that their presence is doing more harm than good after Raven Software peeled the feature from Apex Legends.

Warzone Redeploy Balloon
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Dr Disrespect Redeploy Balloons

During a recent stream, the Doc found himself dropping into Caldera despite his lack of interest in the game. "Throw a whole bunch of balloons in there, even though it isn't our original idea," ranted the streamer.

In addition to the arrival of redeploy balloons, the streamer shared his annoyances with the lack of audio cues when a player lands from the skies, making it impossible for players to react quickly.

Will Warzone Redeploy Balloons Change?

Dr Disrespect is often critical of Warzone and any new changes that arrive in the game, so it's no surprise to see the streamer frustrated.

The vast majority of players love the addition of redeploy balloons thanks to their ability to navigate the map at a significantly faster speed. It's unlikely Raven Software will apply any changes anytime soon.

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