Dr Disrespect Reveals He Is "Uninterested" in Warzone

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Popular content creator Guy Beahm IV, also known as Dr Disrespect, is never afraid to share his opinions on popular games. His love/hate relationship with Warzone often causes the two-time to express his frustrations with the battle royale.

With Season 2 on the horizon and Raven Software applying fixes, the streamer loaded into the game for some Rebirth Island matches after claiming Microsoft won't save Warzone from its current state.

Despite joining forces with TimTheTatman, the Doc explained how numerous issues ranging from poor audio to stream snipers left him "uninterested" in Warzone.

Dr Disrespect Uninterested in Warzone
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Dr Disrespect "Uninterested" In Warzone

Rather than one particular issue causing the streamer's loss of interest, the former Call of Duty developer declared the game as "god awful" following a frustrating death involving another player where no footsteps could be heard.

"I'm uninterested in this game right now," admitted the Doc. This isn't the first instance of the two-time has decided to move away from Warzone. After encountering hackers in previous streams, the streamer has claimed Ricochet anti-cheat "sucks" following an influx of cheaters in recent weeks.

Is Dr Disrespect Done With Warzone?

Unless Season 2 brings sweeping changes to Warzone, it looks like the Doc has finally had enough of Warzone but it's unlikely that his recent Rebirth Island session will be the final time we see the two-time drop into the action. It will be interesting to see how long he stays away before Caldera receives another dose of violence, speed, and momentum.

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