AI-controlled Armoured Trucks Arriving in Warzone Season 2

Warzone is about to become even more interesting thanks to the Season 2 update for the battle royale. In addition to brand-new operators and changes to Caldera, players will encounter armoured vehicles controlled by AI.

Since switching to Caldera, the community has expressed its frustrations with Warzone due to numerous bugs and glitches impacting the experience.

As part of the ongoing storyline, the Axis deployed a number of trucks to carry a deadly chemical weapon known as Nebula V around the Pacific island, opening fire on any players that attempt to take them on.

Warzone Armoured Truck Season 2
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Warzone Armoured Truck

These automatically controlled trucks operate on a loop and will attack any players that get too close. In addition to the two machine gun turrets, the trucks drop mines behind them and have the ability to call in backup if players can reduce their health enough.

The risk of elimination outweighs the threat of the trucks, with players that manage to destroy them gaining access to "incredibly valuable items" including a Nebula V bomb that detonates a small cloud of gas harming any opponent without a Gas Mask equipped.

What Is The Best Way To Destroy An Armoured Truck?

Thanks to Warzone's extensive arsenal of weaponry, there are numerous techniques to apply when it comes to destroying an armoured truck. To deal maximum damage as quickly as possible, we recommend equipping an RPG and some C4 to blow it up, allowing you to earn some extremely valuable items that could change the course of the game.

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