The Five Worst Warzone Glitches

While many were looking forward to the disappearance of Verdansk, the era of Warzone Pacific has been far from smooth sailing, much to the annoyance of the community.

The arrival of Caldera combined with the integration of Vanguard's weapon arsenal received a mixed reception and before long, a variety of bugs and glitches took hold while Raven Software failed to intervene as quickly as many would've liked.

The lack of developer intervention ultimately led to the delay of Season 2, enabling it to apply fixes for invisible guns, invisible gulags, and flying cars. Some glitches are less significant than others and with that said, here are the five worst Warzone glitches that have impacted the game.

Warzone Worst Glitches
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1) Invisible Operators

Soon after players started to drop into Caldera, some were quick to realise that certain Operators and their skins would turn invisible once players would reach a certain distance. For several months, players were being shot without any way to counter before a fix eventually went live.

As Season 1 comes to an end, invisibility issues continue to impact Warzone but optimism amongst players is high as Raven Software hopes to turn the tide on the battle against glitches.

Warzone Demon Gun Glitch
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2) Demon Guns

This particular exploit regularly appeared during the Verdansk era of Warzone and since the game moved to Caldera, it continues to be the thorn in the side of players. The graphical glitch affects all weapons, transforming them into unusable blocks that are impossible to use.

As one of the main causes of unintentional player deaths, Raven Software has the opportunity to fix one of the most infuriating issues which would mark a significant step forward in order to make Warzone great again.

Warzone Pacific Invisible Building
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3) Invisible Buildings

It's not just Operators that have been disappearing in Caldera. Across various areas of the map, players have encountered invisible buildings leading to many questions as to why certain structures don't exist. It's not sure why the minimap shows buildings that should be there, but it's an issue that needs to be addressed to add some form of consistency.

4) Underground Loadout Drops

The switch to the Pacific also included fundamental changes to Warzone's pace. Rather than players having the ability to grab cash and call in a Loadout Drop immediately, players have to wait until the second circle to get their hands on their desired loadout, much to their annoyance.

With an increased value on the drops, seeing $10K of in-game cash disappear underneath Caldera is far from ideal. Whether it's an issue with the drops themselves or the map, not knowing if the Loadout Drop is going to vanish or remain at ground level is a huge inconvenience when it's the most valuable item in all of Warzone.

Warzone Flying Car Glitch
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5) Flying Cars

Last and by no means least isn't necessarily a glitch, more of a fact that Ricochet anti-cheat is failing to catch those using hacks to gain an unfair advantage during matches. Somehow, certain players are flying around the map in vehicles that don't belong in the sky and are using them to great effect.

While it may seem like a scene from Harry Potter, being taken out by a flying SUV isn't the way many players would imagine their Warzone match coming to an end. With Season 2 on the horizon, let's hope flying cars are placed firmly on the ground while the rest of the glitches are finally addressed.

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