Raven Software Admits Accidental PPSH Buff

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While Season 2 of Warzone is still in its infancy, players have managed to uncover the weapons that have slotted into the ever-changing metagame.

Thanks to a range of buffs and nerfs by Raven Software, the most popular weapons to use often changes in a bid to maintain some kind of balance. Despite the best efforts of the developer, those dropping into Caldera and Rebirth Island manage to find guns that stand out from the crowd.

After a stealth buff to Vanguard's PPSH, Raven Software has revealed increases in performance were accidental.

Warzone PPSH Accidental Buff
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Vanguard PPSH Stealth Buff

Following the sudden appearance of a PPSH loadout capable of dominating close-quarters combat, players quickly shared their frustrations surrounding the overpowered damage output.

On February 22. Raven Software revealed an "unintended increase" to base damage and multipliers was applied in the Season 2 update.

In addition to acknowledging the accidental buff, the developer confirms that work to bring it back in line with the rest of the SMGs is underway.

This isn't the first time a standout weapon has dominated the meta. Throughout the Verdansk era, the likes of the DMR 14 and AUG from Black Ops Cold War featured in almost every single loadout thanks to their immense power.

When Will The PPSH Get Nerfed?

With Raven Software confirming work to nerf the PPSH is already taking place, a nerf to the SMG is likely to appear in the not too distant future. With the Season 2.5 update on the horizon, the nerf could arrive alongside another content drop or the developer could apply the update sooner to restore balance to the weapon arsenal.

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