Best Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Landing Spots

Season 2 Reloaded of Warzone ushered in a wealth of changes to the hugely popular Rebirth Island map. Now known as Rebirth Reinforced, new points of interest (POI), Weapon Trade Stations, and Communications Towers have arrived in a bid to add a further layer of strategy to the game.

The changes to the map have proven popular within the often-vocal community, but some players claim that the new areas and features have ruined what used to be a great alternative to the main map.

Despite some sharing their dislike for the reworked Rebirth Island, many are dropping into the fast-paced action that the map has to offer. With a smaller playing area, selecting the best places to land is even more important in order to avoid an early elimination. With that said, find the best Rebirth Reinforced landing spots in this handy guide!

Best Rebirth Reinforced Landing Spots
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What Are The Best Rebirth Reinforced Landing Spots?

When it comes to deciding on the best place to land at the start of a game, there are many options ranging from loot-filled buildings to create a solid foundation before beginning the hunt for other players. The addition of new POIs also provides opportunities to score some early kills before beginning the search for some more powerful weaponry. Having spent some time exploring what the map has to offer, we've found a solid list of options to start a match:

  • Prison
  • Stronghold
  • Docks
  • Headquarters
  • Factory
Best Rebirth Reinforced Landing Spots
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The Docks are a brand-new area for Rebirth Island. The large rectangular building is packed full of supply crates, making it the perfect place to earn some early Cash for a Loadout Drop. Alongside the building is a large ship that you can climb aboard. Make your way up to the viewing deck for more crates and the potential to start a Contract for an additional Cash injection.

If you do choose to land here, be prepared for a fight. Plenty of opponents will also land at the Docks to explore what it has to offer so try and grab a weapon off the ground or from a crate as quickly as possible. The sooner you do it, the higher chance you have of eliminating players that are still equipped with a pistol.


Perhaps the most obvious place to land on Rebirth Island is the large prison block that runs through the centre of the map. Featuring multiple storeys and several corners to hide in, numerous styles of play can achieve success in this particular area of the map.

We recommend landing on the rooftop to get your boots on the ground as quickly as possible before navigating your way inside to begin building a solid loadout.

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Best Landing Spots
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The third and final POI we take a look at is Stronghold. Found towards the southern edge of the island, the tower provides a solid vantage point to pick off opponents easily while the building acts as a great place to engage in some early close-quarters battles.

Due to its location, it can be easy to become pinned by a group of enemies encroaching on your location so be sure to make your way to another location once you've found a couple of strong starting weapons and enough Cash for an early UAV.

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