Warzone Players Claim Season 2 Reloaded Update Ruined Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island has undergone a number of major changes as part of the Season 2 Reloaded update for Warzone. In addition to the arrival of Weapon Trade Stations, Raven Software has adjusted various areas of the map.

The new areas add a fresh layout to areas of the map players often ignored for others that contained more action. This combined with new gameplay elements makes the alternative to Caldera a haven for fast-paced action.

While some players continue to enjoy the changes, others say the update has ruined Rebirth Island, claiming it's not "fun anymore."

Rebirth Island Ruined
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Warzone Rebirth Island Ruined

Despite the arrival of Communications Tower and the mystery surrounding the Golden Vaults, Reddit user 'link1189' says the update removed a lot of what made the original map so enjoyable. Alongside the lack of fun, the player claims Rebirth matches are "full of sweaty players."

The post generated plenty of conversation with many sharing similar opinions. One commenter says gunning for wins "sacrifices general fun of the game," while others say that casual players should "try harder" in matches.

Will Rebirth Reinforced Change?

Based on the changes made to Rebirth Island in the Season 2 Reloaded update, it appears that this particular version of the map is here to stay. For fans of the original map, it looks like you will have to get used to Rebirth Reinforced or perhaps take a trip onto Caldera for a more casual Warzone experience.

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