Warzone Weapon Trade Station: Where to Find and How To Use

Warzone often adds a variety of innovative features to inject a breath of fresh air onto Caldera and Rebirth Island. With Season 2 Reloaded officially underway, Raven Software has added Weapon Trade Stations as part of the Rebirth Reinforced event.

The stations located across Rebirth Island will appear once players manage to complete one of the four community challenges. Once they're live, players can trade their weapon for a range of other items depending on its rarity.

Items range from game-changing Killstreaks, Self-Revive Kits, and even Specialist Tokens that give players access to every single Perk in the game. With plenty of loot up for grabs, it's essential to know how a Weapon Trade Station works. Find all there is to know about a Warzone Weapon Trade Station in this handy guide!

Warzone Weapon Trade Station
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What Is A Warzone Weapon Trade Station?

The idea behind the Weapon Trade Station is rather straightforward. You can exchange a weapon for another item that may prove to be more useful than the gun you previously owned. With a chance to earn some additional Cash or equipment, it's highly likely that the stations will become hotly contested areas of the map.

In a blog post, Raven Software shared some of the items that you can earn from a Weapon Trade Station:

Gun Rarity
Trade Station Offer
Random Common gun with full magazine
Common gun with full magazine, random Lethal equipment, or random Tactical equipment
Rare or Melee Weapon (Any Rarity)
Common gun with full magazine, Armour Satchel, Rare Field Upgrade, or Gas Mask
Uncommon gun with 3 magazines, Self-Revive Kit, $500, $800, Armour Satchel, Epic Killstreak or Epic Field Upgrade
Rare gun with 3 magazines, $800, $1200, Legendary Killstreak, Legendary Field Upgrade (e.g. Portable Buy Station)
Offer determined by number of attachments on weapons. Guns with more attachments mean a higher offer.

In addition to all of the offers, the developer says an "incredible offer" is available when a Fire Sale event is taking place during a match. It's unclear what the offer is but as soon as we find out, we will update the guide with everything there is to know.

How to Unlock Warzone Weapon Trade Station

You may think that Weapon Trade Stations will arrive as part of the Season 2 Reloaded update. Rather than being another feature included in the update, you'll have to take part in one of four community challenges within the Rebirth Reinforced event.

To unlock the stations, players need to contribute towards scoring a total of 20 billion kills on Rebirth Island, In addition to unlocking the stations, you'll also earn 25K XP as a reward.

Warzone Weapon Trade Station
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Warzone Weapon Trade Station Locations

Once the community completes the challenge, there's a high chance of Weapon Trade Stations appearing all over Rebirth Island in a similar fashion to Buy Stations. Expect plenty of opposition when attempting to make a trade as multiple players will look to get their hands on some upgraded loot as they aim to be the last one standing.

Are Warzone Weapon Trade Stations Worth It?

If you're after some high-tier loot or even an upgrade from your starting gun, using a Weapon Trade Station in Warzone is hugely advantageous. Whether it's collecting some additional Cash to purchase a Loadout Drop or an Armour Satchel for some additional protection, the system is a lottery of sorts but the possibility of scoring some ultra-rare items is all too tempting for those looking to be crowned champions of the new-look Rebirth Island.

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