Warzone Rebirth Reinforced: Everything We Know

Despite Warzone players not wanting any changes to arrive on Rebirth Island, Raven Software is continuing with plans to overhaul the popular alternative to Caldera. Known as Rebirth Reinforced, the developer is teasing significant changes to the map.

With the Season 2 Reloaded update on the horizon, many are expecting plenty of new points of interest (POI) to appear in addition to the new content expected as part of the mid-season update.

With a single teaser image to go by, players are beginning to wonder if the changes to Rebirth Island will be positive or negative. With that said, find all there is to know about Warzone Rebirth Reinforced in our dedicated hub.

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced
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When Does Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Come Out?

Thanks to the Season 2 Reloaded roadmap, we know when players can drop into a reworked Rebirth Island map. The mid-season update kicks off on March 23 which is when Rebirth Reinforced opens for business.

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Event

Alongside changes to the map, players can participate in a community event celebrating the launch of Rebirth Reinforced. Members of the community can contribute to the goal by completing a range of tasks that lead to rewards ranging from hundreds of thousands of XP to a Legendary LMG blueprint. Here are all of the event details:

  1. Operators must score a combined 20 billion kills to unlock the Weapon Trade Station and 25K XP.
  2. Operators must trade 190 million weapons at a Weapon Trade Station to unlock Communications Towers and earn 50K XP.
  3. Operators must secure 130 million Payloads on Rebirth Island to unlock the Armoured Truck Deployment event and earn 75K XP.
  4. Operators must gather $40 trillion in Blood Money on Rebirth Island to unlock the Golden Vault Mystery and 100K XP.

In addition to the community challenges, there are four participation challenges for players to complete. Check out the objectives below:

  • Wipe 3 enemies in Resurgence Solos on Rebirth Island.
  • Trade 30 Legendary Weapons to the Weapon Trade Station on Rebirth Island.
  • Push or halt the Payload for 20 minutes on Rebirth Island.
  • Gather $5m in Blood Money on Rebirth Island.

Each challenge will have its own reward alongside winning 25 Resurgence matches which will unlock another reward. Raven Software also says that there are two mystery rewards by decoding secrets on the island, suggesting there's an Easter Egg to complete.

Toxic Heavy Blueprint
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Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Blueprint

One reward players can earn by participating in the Rebirth Reinforced event is a Legendary blueprint for the DP27 light machine gun. Known as 'Toxic Heavy,' the blueprint comes with a deadly combination of attachments that improve almost every element of the LMG. Could it influence the existing metagame?

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Map Changes

Thanks to the only teaser, we can see how the map has changed. A new POI named Stronghold replaces the Security area at the south of the island. With a single road leading up to the main building, there's every chance players can fortify themselves to prevent any opponents from entering.

In addition, the western side of the map has also undergone a makeover. Docks situated next to a huge boat have arrived alongside another boat on the eastern side of the island. Are the foundations for an in-game event slowly appearing?

That's all we know about Warzone Rebirth Reinforced at this time. Once we hear more we will update this article with all the latest intel. In the meantime, check out how Call of Duty has teased the arrival of Snoop Dogg as an Operator.

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