Warzone Developer Teases Rebirth Reinforced Map Changes

Warzone is no stranger to shaking things up in a bid to inject a breath of fresh air into the battle royale. Since the launch of Season 2, players have known about significant changes arriving on the Rebirth Island map.

With the start of Season 2 Reloaded closing in, it appears that the developer is focusing on changes to Rebirth Island rather than

Despite calls for no changes, Raven Software is teasing various new additions to the map, including a range of brand-new points of interest (POI) to explore. In addition, the map receives a rebrand to Rebirth Reinforced.

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced
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Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Map Changes

Notable changes include the Security Area disappearing in place of a new POI known as Stronghold. The new area contains multiple buildings in addition to an open space in the centre.

Alongside the arrival of the Stronghold, a mysterious boat has appeared close to the Nova 6 factory. Unlike some features, players can access the boat but it's unclear as to its true size. Alongside the boat, the new Docks POI on the west of the island features another boat but we don't know if players can explore what's inside.

When Does Rebirth Reinforced Come Out?

An exact release date for Rebirth Reinforced in Warzone has yet to appear but Raven Software has confirmed that it will arrive at some point in the week beginning on March 21. With the current Rebirth Island layout proving extremely popular, it will be interesting to see how players react to the new POIs.

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