Warzone Players Want No Changes To Rebirth Island in Season 2

In the build-up to the start of Season 2 for Warzone Pacific, the team behind the hugely popular battle royale have unveiled a wealth of details surrounding the first content drop of 2022.

Alongside the arrival of the Whitley light machine gun and redeploy balloons, Season 2 will see "substantial changes" to Rebirth Island, a hugely popular map for players looking for an alternative to Caldera.

Contrary to Raven Software's plans, players have asked the developer not to make the changes amid fears it could ruin a great Warzone map.

Warzone Pacific Rebirth Island Changes Season 2
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Warzone Pacific Rebirth Island Changes

Fans of the prison map that resembles Alcatraz don't want to see the current design modified thanks to the fast pace and frequent engagements it provides. To see if anyone shared the same sentiment, Reddit user 'Dull-Caterpillar3153' started a discussion that revealed several players were also against the proposed changes.

While several users did express their curiosity surrounding the changes, most see no need for any modifications. "I like the way it is," wrote one commenter.

Rather than changing parts of Rebirth Island, another user suggested a rotation of daytime and nighttime variants to change the gameplay experience. "Dusk, day, and night sounds amazing," added another Rebirth fan.

When Will Rebirth Island Change?

Raven Software hasn't revealed an exact date for when the new changes will take effect. The February 8 Call of Duty blog states they will arrive as part of the mid-season update, suggesting changes may appear as soon as early March.

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