Warzone Redeploy Balloon: Where To Find and How To Use

Season 2 of Warzone Pacific marks the first significant update to the battle royale since the switch from Verdansk to Caldera. The upcoming season of post-launch content includes the arrival of Anna as an Operator and a new assault rifle known as the KG M40.

In addition to the new content, a range of new features impacting gameplay will arrive in the game. Redeploy Balloons similar to those that feature in Apex Legends have made their way to the battle royale, enabling players to move around the Pacific Island as quickly as possible.

With various ways to utilise the balloons, players can fly across Caldera to a new location or to escape any sticky situations over the course of a match. In this guide, find all of the Warzone Redeploy Balloon locations alongside how to use them.

Warzone Pacific Redeploy Balloon
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What Is A Redeploy Balloon in Warzone?

Redeploy Balloons allow players to reposition to a new area of the map without spending time hunting down a vehicle to navigate the island. Once players ascend to the top, they can fly back down to the ground with ease, opening the door for plenty of last-minute escapes and surprise attacks.

Warzone Redeploy Balloon Locations

Redeploy Balloons are located all over Caldera, giving players the perfect opportunity to make use of them. Thanks to the blimp icon on the map, they're very easy to find. Some of the balloons are located at the following locations:

  • Peak
  • Airfield
  • Runway

These locations are far away from each other, allowing players to fly across the map to a brand-new area with ease. It's important to remember that you are vulnerable to opponents while using the zip line so bear that in mind before making the ascent to the skies once again.

Before taking the leap back down to earth, it's important to note that opponents and incoming planes can destroy the redeploy balloons. Thankfully, players can reinflate them for a small cost.

How To Use Warzone Redeploy Balloon

The redeploy balloons work in the same way as Warzone's ziplines. Walk up to the zip line hanging from the balloon above, interact with it, and rise into the skies to plan your next move.

Don't forget to pull the parachute on the descent, otherwise, you'll end up taking an early trip to the Gulag!

Warzone Pacific Redeploy Balloon
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Are Warzone Redeploy Balloons Worth Using?

Based on their effectiveness in Apex Legends, the addition of redeploy balloons in Warzone has the potential to improve the game in several ways. Allowing players a faster way to rotate across the map can increase their chances of making it to the latter stages of a match but the risk of a plane or a precise sniper shot sending you to the Gulag is also high.

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