Rebirth Island Golden Vault: All Locations and How to Open

The Season 2 Reloaded update for Warzone included a wealth of changes and new additions to the battle royale. In addition to the arrival of Weapon Trade Stations and the Armaguerra 43 submachine gun, plenty of new Easter Eggs have arrived on Rebirth Island.

In addition to keycards that give players the chance to unlock plenty of rewards, a number of Golden Vaults have appeared across the island, much to the curiosity of the community wanting to know what's inside. Many think the vaults will act in a similar way to the bunkers that played a huge role throughout the Verdansk era of Warzone.

The doors are currently locked but we already know where to find them once we can open them and take a look inside. With that said, find all Rebirth Island Golden Vault Locations and how to open them in this guide!

Warzone Rebirth Island Golden Vaults
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When Can You Open The Golden Vaults?

With the latest Rebirth Reinforced challenge underway, players are on course to gather enough money to open the golden vaults on April 11, 2022. According to several predictions, the doors could open at 3PM BST.

What Is A Golden Vault in Rebirth Island?

The Golden Vaults are part of the Golden Vault Mystery, one of four community challenges part of the Rebirth Reinforced event. Players are unable to open them until later on in Season 2 but based on what appeared in the Verdansk bunkers, we're expecting plenty of cryptic teasers and high-tier loot to be inside.

Rebirth Island Golden Vault Locations

There are a total of three Golden Vaults on Rebirth Island. Their locations can be found below:

  • On the cliff face near Stronghold and Living Quarters
  • Under the Nova 6 Factory
  • Under the small shack between Docks and the Bioweapons Lab.

As mentioned earlier, the doors are sealed shut until the community challenge begins. Once it starts, we will update the guide with all the latest information to show what's behind the door.

Warzone Rebirth Island Golden Vault
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How To Open Rebirth Island Golden Vault

Just hours after going live, players have managed to gain access to the Golden Vaults. Here's how to open the doors:

  • Inside the Prison Block, there are six TV remotes on top of toilets. Find six of them.
  • Once you've found all six, a phone will ring.
  • Listen to the code the phone gives you and head to one of the Golden Vaults.
  • Enter the code and reap the rewards!

What's Inside the Rebirth Island Golden Vault?

At the time of writing (March 28), we don't know what could be inside the vaults. Considering they're locked, there's a high chance of valuable loot and other steps for a potentially unknown Easter Egg to be inside. Once we know what the vaults contain, we will share a complete list of all the items up for grabs.

Golden Vault Mystery Challenge Start Date

The Golden Vault Mystery challenge begins on April 7, 2022. Once it's live, players need to gather a combined total of $40 trillion in the Blood Money game mode. It's likely that collecting the cash will take plenty of time so let's hope that it can be done before the Rebirth Reinforced event concludes on April 14.

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