Warzone Player Lands On Top of Redeploy Balloon, Earns Atomic Camo

The Redeploy Balloon arrived to Warzone as part of the Season 2 update and since its arrival, the community has embraced the feature with open arms.

Bearing a heavy resemblance to the balloons in Apex Legends, the small blimps enable players to relocate to another area of Caldera. As expected, some members of the community have taken things a step further, showcasing creative ways to gain further advantages over the opposition.

One player has managed to earn the coveted Atomic camouflage by standing on top of the balloon to land a sniper shot from over a thousand metres away.

Warzone Pacific Redeploy Balloon
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Can You Land on Redeploy Balloons?

Despite their miniature size, players can guide their parachute to land on top of the Redeploy Balloons located all over Caldera. Reddit user 'GaabbbaaaFACE' demonstrated the process in a video before landing a crisp longshot onto an unsuspecting opponent below.

In addition to the accurate landing, the player managed to earn the Atomic mastery camo from Vanguard thanks to their expert precision from the unique vantage point.

Warzone players are no strangers to scoring kills using unorthodox methods. During the Verdansk era, one player managed to land an incredible trickshot using the combination of a motorcycle and crossbow to add a touch of flair.

How to Land on Redeploy Balloons

The process of landing on top of a Redeploy Balloon looks incredibly straightforward but requires plenty of precision. Approach the balloon at the slowest speed possible to position your character above the balloon. Once you're lined up, slowly descend and your feet will touch the balloon. Remember to pull the chute if you want to relocate.

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