Warzone Player Performs Incredible Trickshot With Motorcycle

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Season 4 of Warzone hasn't been live for very long but that hasn't stopped players utilising some of the brand-new additions to the battle royale. As part of the latest season, Activision and Raven Software introduced Motorcycles as the latest vehicles to navigate Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Vehicles have always been a hot topic of conversation within the Warzone community thanks to their versatility in a number of situations. The likes of the Cargo Truck have dominated the meta due to their sheer size and resistance to incoming gunfire while the ATVs are almost always overlooked.


The addition of Motorcycles to the game has been met with positivity, with one player showcasing his incredible skills involving trickshots that many would struggle to hit.

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Warzone Motorcycle Trickshot

Trickshotting has been a staple of the Call of Duty community for well over a decade and often involves players performing a sickening amount of spins, weapon swaps, and grenade throws, before managing to secure the kill.


While Warzone trickshots may be a rarity, @Ham10Banks has demonstrated that it can be done.

By using the agility and the speed of the Motorcycle to their advantage, the player gathers a huge amount of speed while dodging some enemy gunfire before riding up a piece of Satellite wreckage, switches to the back seat of the bike before pulling out a crossbow to eliminate the opponent on the bridge.

Donning the John Rambo Operator Skin when executing a play of legendary proportions is a fitting tribute to the action hero.


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