How To Redeem Call of Duty Vanguard Double XP With Doritos And Mountain Dew

The launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard isn't far away and as the community begins to focus on the next release in the Call of Duty franchise, Season 6 of Warzone is in full swing with The Haunting event adding some spooky twists. With Vanguard releasing on November 5th, there's still plenty of action to take place in Verdansk and Rebirth Island before the arrival of a brand-new map set in the Pacific.

As always, there is a range of promotions that allow players to get their hands on some additional Double XP tokens, and this time around, Call of Duty has joined forces with Doritos and Mountain Dew. Here's how to earn and redeem the tokens.

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How To Claim Vanguard and Warzone Double XP With Doritos & Mountain Dew

COD Vanguard Mountain Dew Double XP
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Just like a similar promotion that launched for Black Ops Cold War, the process of redeeming the tokens is incredibly straightforward. To start earning Double XP, purchase marked packs of Mountain Dew, MTN DEW Game Fuel, or Doritos. The packs will contain a code that can be entered by clicking here.

The promotion started on October 4th and will run until March 28th, 2022, and will be only available to residents of the United States.

Where To Find Doritos And Mountain Dew Double XP Codes


There are two packs of Doritos that contain a Double XP code:

  • 2.75 OZ (XXVL) Doritos: Earn 15 minutes of Double XP. The code is inside the bag.
  • 9.25 OZ (XXL) Doritos: Earn 60 minutes of Double XP. The code is inside the bag.

Mountain Dew

There are three ways to earn Double XP from Mountain Dew:

  • 20 oz DEW: Earn 15 minutes of Double XP using the code underneath the bottle cap.
  • 18pk DEW: Earn 60 minutes of Double XP from the code found inside the case.
  • 24pk DEW: Earn 120 minutes of Double XP from the code inside the case.

Game Fuel

  • 16 oz MTN DEW GAME FUEL: Earn 15 minutes of Double XP using the code underneath the tab. Claiming the first code also unlocks an exclusive Operator Skin.

There you have it, that's how to redeem Double XP for use in Vanguard and Warzone. For more Season 6 intel, check out all of the map changes coming to Verdansk.

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