Strange Vanguard Glitch Causes Screen to Flip

Despite the best efforts of Vanguard developer Sledgehammer Games, players are continuing to experience a number of game-breaking bugs and glitches in multiplayer.

With Season 2 Reloaded nearing its end and as attention begins to turn towards the launch of Season 3, many are hoping the developer can improve the game as its cycle reaches the halfway stage. With an experimental playlist already suggesting major changes are on the horizon, the next season could prove to be the most important.

As many hope improvements are on the way, some players are encountering a bug causing their entire screen to flip.

Call of Duty Vanguard Screen Flip Glitch
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Vanguard Screen Flip Bug

During a match of Arms Race, Reddit user 'UrNutCracko' decided to move towards a flaming motorbike. The motorbike exploded and rather than returning the player back to the nearest spawn, the sky moved to the right with the ground moving to the left.

Although the display is far from ideal, the player continues the match with an entirely new perspective on the action. Some players were quick to mention this issue had appeared in previous Call of Duty titles, with Black Ops Cold War users experiencing the problem in Zombies.

How to Fix Vanguard Screen Flip

While there's no sign of an official fix appearing anytime soon, players have found a way to return the screen to normal. Simply enter and exit a nearby vehicle and your display will have the sky where it should be.

Considering the severity of the problem, there's a high chance Sledgehammer Games is working on ensuring the issue doesn't affect players during a match.

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