Pay-to-Lose Vanguard Operator Skin Completely Blocks Aim

In-game items available to purchase in Vanguard are said to be purely cosmetic, meaning players won't gain any advantages over the course of a match. Contrary to the claim, players often find certain items that put them at a disadvantage.

With Season 2 Reloaded officially underway, the community is getting to grips with an all-new Experimental Playlist in addition to the arrival of the Armaguerra 43 submachine gun.

Following on from the Lethal Luxury skin being branded as pay-to-lose, another Operator Skin is causing problems much to the annoyance of players.

Vanguard Alleyway Operator Skin Bug
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Vanguard Alleyway Operator Skin Bug

After purchasing the Alleyway Operator Skin for Kingsley, Reddit user 'dannylo' found a glitch that causes the character to place their thumb over the iron sights of the Panzerfaust launcher, rendering it impossible to use.

As expected, the issue caught the attention of many Vanguard players. One commenter claims they "got the same bug with another operator," suggesting that this issue might not be an isolated incident. Sledgehammer Games' track record of releasing bug-free content isn't the best and despite efforts to improve the game, various problems continue to impact players.

Will The Alleyway Skin Get Fixed?

The Alleyway skin was part of the Season 1 Battle Pass, meaning the vast majority of Vanguard players will have access to the item causing the problem. There's every chance Sledgehammer Games will provide a fix in the coming weeks but until then, we recommend equipping another skin that allows you to zoom in.

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