Sledgehammer Games Testing Spawns in Experimental Playlist

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Since the launch of Vanguard, players often share their frustrations on a number of topics ranging from a lack of bug fixes to the controversial squad spawn system.

Rather than players spawning in a specific location, they jump back into the action next to a nearby teammate. Squad spawns often result in players dying almost immediately after they've spawned into the game, much to their annoyance.

After the Season 2 Reloaded update addressed bug fixes, it appears Sledgehammer Games is taking feedback on board by testing an all-new system within an experimental playlist.

Vanguard Experimental Playlist
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Vanguard Experimental Playlist

Following the March 25 update, the developer has added an experimental playlist in order to test various fixes for issues impacting players. On this occasion, the playlist is being used to test "improved spawn logic" that could drastically improve the current state of multiplayer.

The developer says those playing matches in the experimental playlist will offer a system less random than the squad spawn structure currently used. Players shouldn't spawn "in a position where an enemy player immediately threatens them," giving them time to move around the map before engaging with a potential target.

Will Vanguard Spawns Improve?

With the potential of a brand-new spawn system in the works, there's every chance Vanguard spawns will improve significantly over the coming weeks. With Season 3 not too far away, we could see some kind of change added when the Vanguard cycle reaches the halfway stage.

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