Glide Bomb Bug Gives Vanguard Players Wall Hacks

Vanguard players are no strangers to encountering bugs and glitches within multiplayer. Some impact the power of aim assist while others allow players underneath maps, giving them a huge advantage over the opposition.

As attention begins to turn towards the Season 2.5 update, some players are encountering a glitch involving the popular Glide Bomb Killstreak. When using the Glide Bomb, red rings highlight the location of the opponents and should disappear.

Rather than vanishing as intended, the red rings remain on-screen for the rest of the match, allowing players to see through walls.

Vanguard Glide Bomb Bug
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Vanguard Glide Bomb Bug

The bizarre issue caught the attention of the community after Twitter user 'iF0RL0' managed to receive red circles showing the exact location of their opponents after calling in a Glide Bomb during a match.

Numerous players were quick to comment on this game-breaking issue, with many tagging Sledgehammer Games in a bid to gain its attention in order for a fix to arrive. Over the course of Vanguard's cycle, various issues have impacted players eventually leading to the delay of Season 2 in February 2022.

Will The Glide Bomb Glitch Get Fixed?

With the mid-season update expected in the coming weeks, a fix for the unintentional wall hacks could arrive alongside a wealth of brand-new content. Vanguard's track record with bugs hasn't been great. Let's hope Sledgehammer Games can address the issues before they get out of hand.

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