Vanguard Players Demand Fix For Aim Assist Glitch

Despite recent updates from Sledgehammer Games alongside the delay to Season 2, Vanguard players are still encountering game-breaking issues that have been problematic since the game released in November 2021.

As the community waits patiently for the next post-launch content season, many are hoping the update and smaller updates will address several flaws currently impacting multiplayer.

With Vanguard Ranked play arriving in a few weeks, players will be hoping that the developer will take a look into an aim assist bug that is making the game "unplayable" for those that encounter it.

Call of Duty Vanguard Aim Assist Glitch
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Vanguard Aim Assist Glitch

The issue came to the attention of the community after Reddit user 'Proud_Penguin123' published a post detailing random bursts of not receiving "aim assist slowdown" when dragging their aim over opposing players.

Those that have encountered a lack of aim assist have attempted to address the issue by testing new controllers and even turning off crossplay. The problem doesn't seem to be exclusive to the Xbox platform, with commenters revealing that the bug is also happening on PlayStation.

Will Vanguard Aim Assist Get Fixed?

With a lot riding on Sledgehammer Games to fix Vanguard for its players, it's likely that the game's aim assist will be addressed in the Season 2 update alongside the addition of brand-new content that will breathe some life into Vanguard. Let's hope that Season 2 will be a fresh start for the game that could be excellent with some changes made.

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