Bloodborne PS5 Remaster and Sequel Rumoured From Bluepoint Games

Bloodborne remains a fan-favourite to this day for FromSoftware fans, but since releasing back in 2015, we've not seen much of it beyond The Old Hunters expansion. However, that could soon change as according to a recent report, Bloodborne's receiving a PS5 remaster and remake.

As reported by IGN, Lillymo Games' co-owner Colin Moriarty advised that "I'm hearing through the grapevine Bluepoint may be on a journey to Yharnam." Previously, he'd confirmed the existence of Demon's Souls PS5 remake before launch.

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Bloodborne PS5 Remaster and Sequel Rumoured From Bluepoint Games

Elaborating on this further via Discord - as seen on Reddit - he then confirms that this will be two projects: a Bloodborne remaster and sequel. Reportedly, both are being developed by Bluepoint Games, who Sony recently acquired. Presently though, that remain officially unconfirmed, so take this information with a grain of salt.

Bloodborne saw us playing a Hunter travelling through city of Yharnam. Investigating why the city's inhabitants have become afflicted by a disease, it saw critical acclaim and ever since, fans have hoped for a sequel, PS5 update or PC release. If true, this would match previous reports that Bluepoint's got two projects in the works and we'll keep you informed if we hear more.

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