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Bloodborne on PC: All Leaks, Rumours and Release Date News

From Software titles, like Bloodborne, are always popular picks on the PC platform. However, many fans are still waiting for Bloodborne’s direct release on PC. Here’s what we know of when Bloodborne arrives on the PC.

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Latest News

Rumour: Multiple PlayStation Exclusives Heading To PC, But Not Bloodborne - July 14, 2021

Known dataminer Lance McDonald advised via Twitter that while he's aware of multiple PlayStation exclusives coming to PC, that doesn't include Bloodborne. You can read more about it here.

Bloodborne PC Release

Currently, Sony hasn't officially released Bloodborne on PC. However, it remains a popular game to play on PC as with other FromSoftware titles. Due to Bloodborne’s unique setting and Soulslike gameplay, the game has high replay value, as many fans like to try out different builds for the weaponry found in the game.

As of now, Sony and FromSoftware has never put out any announcements to release the title outside PlayStation. However, fans have increased chances as Sony has release some of their exclusive titles on PC recently.

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PlayStation Now Bloodborne

Currently, the only official way to play Bloodborne on PC is by subscribing to PlayStation Now, Sony’s take on streaming which allows PC players to access PlayStation exclusives. For now, this streaming platform could be Sony’s official answer to releasing Bloodborne on PC.

Elden Ring Release

Other than Bloodborne, FromSoftware has finally broke its silence about Elden Ring’s release. FromSoftware fans almost gave up on the franchise as no information came out after its reveal last 2019. Potentially, FromSoftware could be focusing its resources on this title rather than developing a Bloodborne port on the PC.

For now, all we can do is wait on FromSoftware to announce anything about Bloodborne after Elden Ring’s release. However, rumors are around saying that Bloodborne will also be released in the latest PS5 console.

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