Rumour: Multiple PlayStation Exclusives Heading To PC, But Not Bloodborne

Over the years, Sony's begun bringing once-exclusive PlayStation games to PC. Between Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone and Predator: Hunting Grounds, there's been a noticeably larger effort and according to reliable dataminer Lance McDonald, more are on the way.

However, to McDonald's knowledge at least, that doesn't include the much-requested Bloodborne. Released back in 2015 on PS4, fans have long awaited a PC port of FromSoftware's Victorian era soulslike, and sadly, they may be waiting a little longer.

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Rumour: Multiple PlayStation Exclusives Heading To PC, But Not Bloodborne

Saying how he'd love to "smugly" claim that he's aware of Bloodborne PC, McDonald says he's simply not aware of such plans, while alluding to "multiple upcoming PC ports" planned by Sony. Saying that people believe he secretly knows about unannounced Bloodborne projects, he denies any such knowledge, and you can find McDonald's tweet below.

While that's potentially unfortunate news for Bloodborne fans, nothing's been officially confirmed/denied at this time, so take any rumours with a grain of salt. We know that while Sony believes PlayStation remains "the best place" for these games, more PC ports are planned, rumoured to include Ghost of Tsushima and Uncharted 4. Once we know more, we'll keep you informed.

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