BitLife informant - How to collect evidence

Screenshot from BitLife, showing the character about to sign on to becoming an informant

Screenshot from BitLife, showing the character about to sign on to becoming an informant

The life of crime in BitLife has its highs, but when it all comes crashing down, sometimes you'll have no choice but to become a BitLife informant. This less glamorous career option is only available to former members of organised crime groups, and it's just as life-or-death as spending your years in the illegal underworld.

Our BitLife informant guide will break down exactly what being an informant in BitLife involves, as well as the circumstances under which you'll become one. Crucially, we'll go over what happens if you successfully collect evidence, and the dire consequences if you don't.

Of course, to become an informant you'll first need to be in the BitLife Mafia, so we've got a handy guide to brush up on that. For other crime-based activities, we've also got details on how to pull off a lucrative BitLife train robbery. With all that ill-gotten cash, you'll need to know how to manage your BitLife money, too.

What is a BitLife informant?

As a BitLife informant, you're caught on both sides of the law. It's an involuntary career path only accessible to those who have been arrested for racketeering or being part of an organised crime circle. In this job, you have to collect a fixed amount of incriminating evidence on your former gangmates within three years. To do this, you have to spend some one-on-one time with your friends-turned-rivals, meaning you'll already need to have good relations with them, or they won't want to hang out with you.

Being a BitLife informant is an existence constantly on tenterhooks, as you could be caught by your former friends at any time. Equally, failure to collect enough evidence will lead to some dire consequences, as the feds take no mercy on failed informants. As such, it's a mad scramble to fulfil your tasks, or face a life of alienation from the law and your old colleagues.

Screenshot from BitLife, showing the character having just signed up as an informant, and the details of their task
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How do I become a BitLife informant?

The only way to become a BitLife informant is by the worst-case scenario happening for a criminal: being arrested by the police. However, it should be noted that your average burglar or car thief won't ever become a BitLife informant. Instead, you'll need to be a gang member to be arrested by the federal police. If you're a successful gangster within one of the game's Mafia families, you'll be offered the chance to turn snitch once you enter custody. You're then left with two choices: become an informant, or face life in prison for your crimes.

How do I collect evidence as a BitLife informant?

If you choose to go down the BitLife informant path, your next task is to gather evidence. In most cases, you'll have three years to collect a fixed amount of dirt on your former employees. Here's what you have to do:

  • Once you've signed up to be an informant, head to Occupation > Gang > Gang Members
  • Then choose a member you want to collect evidence on, by clicking them and tapping the evidence button
  • This will give you a small amount of progress in the evidence bar

Since each individual interaction yields reasonably little progress, you'll have to do it a lot over the three years. As such, you'll want to have good relations with as many gang members as possible, because if your closeness bar is too low, they won't be willing to spend time with you. You can only collect evidence from each individual member once per year, so it will take a very good standing within the gang for you to get the right amount.

What are the BitLife informant consequences?

Depending on whether you're able to collect all that evidence in the three-year window or not, your character's trajectory can go in one of two very different directions.

If you're successful in collecting enough dirt on gang members, then good news: you're free to go! Your criminal slate is wiped clean, and you're placed in witness protection to start a brand-new life. However, remember that your former colleagues won't exactly remember you fondly, so you'll have to keep an eye out in case they come back for revenge.

In the more likely event that you aren't able to get all the necessary dirt to the feds in time, a much darker path awaits you. Regardless of how well you've co-operated, you'll be unceremoniously booted into jail, where you'll have to serve the entirety of your original sentence. There's no lenience for your willingness to help, or the evidence you did collect, just a life behind bars. Therefore, you'll want to do your best to get the evidence in time, as the alternative is much less attractive.

That's everything you need to know about becoming an informant in BitLife! We've gone over your task to collect evidence, how to do it, and the consequences for success or failure. It truly is a matter of freedom or endless incarceration, so we wish you the best in getting off scot-free!

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