A Bioshock Movie is Coming to Netflix

After years of speculating about being in development, the beloved Bioshock franchise is set to receive its own movie.

Netflix is taking upon the task of bringing the 2K franchise to the mini-screen, with an announcement coming from the Geeked Twitter account. This project marks a joint venture between 2K, Take-Two Interactive, and the streaming giant.

A Bioshock Movie is Coming to Netflix

No details have been revealed about whether this film will be live-action or animated. If it were to follow the former option, it'd probably carry a hefty budge with visual effects, intricate creatures, and detail required in set design.

But Netflix has never been shy of dishing out money on its projects, so it's certainly a plausible endeavour.

Bioshock marks one of many videogame productions in development at Netflix. Pokémon, and Assassin's Creed are also receiving live-action adaptations. Following in the footsteps of Castelvania, Splinter Cell and Lara Croft are also due to receive anime shows.

Cuphead is the latest gaming production coming to Netflix, with its premiere set for February.

As for Bioshock itself, a fourth entry has been confirmed. Cloud Chamber is undertaking development duties and is reportedly being created using Unreal Engine 5 and could even be open-world.

2K did retweet Netlix's announcement assuring fans that the project is progressing, while asking potential candidates to join their team. We'll keep you informed as we hear more.

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