Cuphead TV Show Trailer Released Ahead of Series' February Debut

Cuphead charmed fans with its immersive animation and old-school charm when it first launched in 2017, so much so that Studio MDHR began working on a meaty DLC expansion and Netflix greenlit a TV series based on the property called The Cuphead Show. And we finally have a Cuphead Show release date alongside a proper trailer.

The Cuphead Show's first season, which includes 12 episodes, will release on February 18th.

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Cuphead TV Show Trailer Released Ahead of February Debut

The show uses the same animation style as the game, harkening back to its roots in early 20th century animation. Fans will recognize various boss battles from the platformer in the show's trailer, as well as Ms. Chalice, who will pop in the game's forthcoming DLC.

Tru Valentino is leading the voice cast as Cuphead and is supported by Frank Todaro as Mugman.

Cuphead initially started off as a PC and Xbox-exclusive franchise, before branching out to other platforms including PlayStation. With Microsoft coming off its landmark acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it remains to be seen whether franchises like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft would go multiplatform, unlike Cuphead.

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