The Tomb Raider Anime Has Its Lara Croft

Haley Atwell is Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider anime series, Deadline announced. Tasha Huo, the Tomb Raider anime's writer and executive producer, confirmed the announcement with a tweet of the same story.

The statement included no other Tomb Raider anime cast members or a hint at when we can expect a release date, however.

Atwell is known for her roles as Peggy Carter in Marvel's Captain America films, including The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier. She also appeared in Blinded by the Light, The Duchess, and Brideshead Revisited.

However, Atwell's no stranger to voice acting either. Some voice credits include Avengers Assemble and 3below: Tales of Arcadia.

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The Tomb Raider Anime Has Its Lara Croft

As a recap, the Tomb Raider anime takes place after the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy. What kind of adventures await Lara Croft are still unclear, but we know they'll be animated impeccably. Powerhouse Studios - responsible for Netflix's Castlevania anime - is handling the Tomb Raider series.

Huo's credits include a number of upcoming projects, such as The Witcher: Blood Origin.

Dmitri M. Johnson (Sonic the Hedgehog movie), Stephan Bugaj (Tales from the Borderlands, We Happy Few), and Howard Bliss, all from dj2 Entertainment, will be co-executive producers.

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