Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Gets 4K Support On PS5 And Xbox Series S/X

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider has just received a new update on PS5 and support on Xbox Series S/X for 4K resolutions.

The new update for PS5, update 2.01, allows the game to support "4K at high frame rate on PlayStation 5 in high resolution mode".

For Xbox Series S/X owners, the game was already boosted to a resolution of 3584x2016 and had 60 FPS support thanks to FPS Boost, so it will be interesting to see if this bumps the game up to the slightly higher resolution.

Right now it isn't clear if there are any other improvements with this update, such as improved lighting and loading times. However, once we have more information we will let you know.

A new game in the franchise is in the early stages of development and will aim to bring together the old aspects of the series with the more modern take on story and gameplay. Lara is also expanding beyond games, with a Netflix Anime series in the works.

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