Live Pokemon Netflix Series Is In Production

There's a live action Pokemon Netflix series in production, a new exclusive report from Variety says. Joe Henderson (Lucifer) is reportedly the show's executive producer and writer, though Variety said both he and Netflix offered no response when they reached out for further comment.

The report also says the Pokemon live action Netflix series is still early in development, and as such, there are no details about the project's nature or type.

Variety's sources did mention the series is "akin" to the live-action Detective Pikachu film, though whether that means it's a Detective Pikachu spinoff or features the same tone and focus is unknown.

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Live Pokemon Netflix Series Is In Production

Netflix also reportedly wanted to produce a live Zelda series. However, the streaming giant is said to have leaked too many details about the project, which made Nintendo - always protective of its IP and the flow of information around it - wary of proceeding with the series.

Any Pokemon project would release to a favorable audience. Pokemon fever shows no signs of abating, with the MOBA game Pokemon Unite recently releasing on Switch and mobile devices, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl scheduled for fall release, and an open-world Pokemon experience coming next January.

[Source: Variety]

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