BGMI Hack - Everything We Know

Searching for info on how to spot and avoid BGMI hacks? Just as cheating was extremely common in PUBG Mobile, so too are they in its India-based successor - Battlegrounds Mobile India. Getting rid of them is a team effort, so we're going to explain how to join the fight against BGMI hacks below.

In this BGMI hacks guide, we'll go over how to spot hacks first and foremost. That's important. After that, we'll detail how to report them while also detailing Krafton's code of conduct for Battlegrounds Mobile India and the specific penalties you're likely to face if you're caught using them.

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Do BGMI Hacks Exist?

Yes, BGMI hacks are real. As with many competitive mobile games, such as PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, hacks are a pretty prevalent issue in Battlegrounds Mobile India, and the developer has banned many accounts from the game for using them.

For example, Krafton recently announced that it had banned 181,000 accounts for alleged cheating or hacking. If you don't want to get yourself banned, and actually want to play the BGMI fairly, it's best to steer clear.

What Is A BGMI Hack?

They are basically a form of cheating. Hacks were a problem in PUBG Mobile⁠ – during one week in June 2021, Tencent reportedly banned a staggering three million accounts for using them to modify character models for speed, X-ray vision, and other hacks.

Players have even been banned at the professional level, such as when Tencent was forced to eliminate eleven teams from the PUBG Mobile Club Open in 2020 for using hacks. Similar hacks are often used in BGMI.

These exploits and cheats let people mod the game, becoming invisible, seeing through walls, or even using aimbots. It essentially gives them an unfair advantage over everyone else playing the game the proper way.

Players running down an alley in BGMI.
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Why Do People Use BGMI Hacks?

BGMI hacks are used for the same reason they were in PUBG Mobile – it's a competitive game and a lot of people care more about winning than how they win, even if it ruins the experience for other players. The issue is made worse by the fact that winning grants players added benefits, which in a free-to-play game means that a lot of people are willing to do whatever it takes to get more stuff with no cost attached.

What Is The Penalty For Using A BGMI Hack?

Penalty Criteria
Use, develop, advertise, trade, or distribute unauthorized programs or hardware devices
Permanent ban
Investigate the use of unauthorized programs or hardware devices
3 day ban
Modification of game client, servers, and game data
Permanent ban
Exploiting bugs and glitches
Permanent ban
Permanent ban
Innappropriate use of language
30 day ban
Innapproprite nickname or clan name
90 day ban (as well as nickname changed)
Team killing
Permanent ban
Permanent ban
Gameplay interference
30 day ban
Permanent ban
Publishing personal information
Permanent ban
Permanent ban
Usage of another user's account
Permanent ban
Abusive use of AFK
Permanent ban
Disturbing business operations
Permanent ban
Abnormal gameplay
Permanent ban
Innappropriate advertisement
Permanent ban
Innapropriate profile phot
90 day ban
Abnormal payment or subscription
Permanent ban
Abuse of open market policies and processes
Permanent ban
Trading or selling accounts
Permanent ban

If you're found to be cheating in Battlegrounds Mobile India, there are a variety of punishments. Luckily, Krafton has shared precise info in their rules of conduct:

As you might imagine, that kind of ruins things for everyone else not using cheats. Hacking or modding BGMI is against Krafton's code of conduct, and if you're caught doing it, you'll face the ban pan. That could be a short of ban of between 30 and 90 days, or you could be banned from the game indefinitely – a big price to pay for winning a match.

How Do I Spot and Report A BGMI Hack?

It's pretty obvious when a player is using a hack, as they'll be doing something that shouldn't be possible in the game, i.e not dying, making impossible shots, shooting people behind walls, etc. If you spot anyone doing this and want to report them, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Record the gameplay involving the hack. Also grab the player's ID if you can.
  • Go to the BGMI Customer Support tab in-game
  • Choose the report ticket and add the ID or name of the person using the hack
  • Upload your footage in the video section, either by adding a link or uploading it from your device
  • That's it. If they were cheating, they'll face the ban pan before too long

And that's how to spot and report BGMI hacks. If you're suffering from similar issues in other games, here's how to report every type of Free Fire hack. We also keep a list of the latest Free Fire codes if you'd rather make it to the top using legitimate means. For more mobile battle royale content, check out the Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list and Apex Legends Mobile release date. Get in early and you'll know how to stomp the competition.

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