Battlefield 2042 Beta Is Swarming With ‘Very Toxic’ Bots Who Are Too OP

The Battlefield 2042 beta is in full swing giving players a taste of what DICE's shooter has to offer. While many are impressed by the trial including IceManIsaac, Shroud, and our very own, James Law, who is optimistic about the full game's release, there is one problem folks are running into: bots.

Not just any bots either. These are violent, toxic bots. Many are reporting that the bots are too overpowered and even too toxic, with a tendency to teabag foes they defeat with melee attacks. Some human players said they're joining lobbies filled mainly with AI opponents.

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Battlefield 2042 Beta Is Swarming With ‘Very Toxic’ Bots Who Are Too OP

EA DICE included bots to fill the 128-player and 64-user lobbies on next-gen and standard systems. However, some have noticed that a majority of their lobby is filled with artificial beings. In this instance, u/SynergyRamoz shows how out of the maximum count, only 8 players were actually real.

Pros such as JGOD have noticed how ruthless the bots are, like this one, who continues to shoot the player even after they've been gunned down.

As yet, EA Dice made no comment on the situation or whether it will change when the game fully launches in November. Battlefield 2042's beta is now live to everyone so you can get a chance of experiencing the next-generation shooter.

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