Shroud Says Battlefield 2042 Has Become Very Similar To Call of Duty

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Shroud Grzesiek watched a Jackfrags video about the new Battlefront 2042 beta, which was recently delayed. The video explained some of the new features and some new information about characters and perks. Shroud noticed, however, that it was very similar to Call of Duty as he watched.

Battlefront 2042 and Call of Duty have similar themes, especially military first-person shooters. As a result, they will obviously look alike, but Shroud pointed out that they are very similar in terms of gameplay. There is nothing wrong with a theme being equal, but there is a competition problem if features and gameplay are identical.


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Battlefront 2042 Beta

As the beta approaches, we will learn more about Battlefront 2042. For now, we must go by what we see in trailers and videos. All of this is impressive, but as I will show below, Battlefield is targeting Call of Duty specifically.


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Shroud pointed out that Battlefield is an excellent option for players tired of Warzone and WW2. The similarities are key. To quote Shroud:

"It's gotten yeah it's gotten pretty similar i think. Battlefield's gun play in my opinion is better than cods but it's very similar. Llike we're we're talking just the tiniest difference."

Why do the similarities exist? You can combine Call of Duty's strengths with your own. In this way, they can attack them from all angles.

Initially, Shroud thought that this section was an advertisement (it really was), but it emphasized how much Battlefield wants to compete with Call of Duty. As stated in the video, Battlefield is competing with Call of Duty on consoles, PCs, and mobile. It has been tried before and failed miserably (Medal of Honor).

Battlefront 2042 may or may not become the next big hit. However, Call of Duty is still king, and it doesn't appear like that will change anytime soon.