IceManIsaac Says Battlefield 2042 Stands Out from Its Predecessors

Battlefield 2042 Beta may be open to the public now, but Content Creators have had access to it for some time. Isaac 'IceManIsaac' Hamilton is one of those creators. After playing the beta, he reported that DICE resolved all of his previous issues with Battlefield.

Battlefield is known for having a team-based feel, but this addition to the series fixes the downsides of that. The players finally feel like heroes on their own while at the same time being part of a big system. The praise for the game is endless, and he even claims that it's the best of the series.

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Battlefield Impressions

IceManIsaac loves Battlefield 2042 and may make it one of his staples. The video below begins with the good of Battlefield, which is all of the improvements it has made from past games in the series. According to IceManIsaac:

"They've taken the movement mechanics and the skill gaps that we've fallen in love with in other games and added things like really dynamic sliding. A traversal sprint that allows you to move across the map; you can even get grapple guns... This game feels more dynamic than ever before."

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Strangely, he doesn't mention anything negative about the game. You can easily see why; the graphics are stunning, and it feels like what the next Call of Duty should be. This game makes Vanguard look like Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.

The question that IceManIsaac puts out it "Will Battlefield 2042 kill Warzone?" There is no way to know for certain due to Call of Duty's huge fan base. We will, however, see it take a significant chunk of the player-base moving to Battlefield.

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