Apex Legends Cosmetics Are Expensive: Here Is the Official Answer Why

During a recent Reddit AMA, a question arose about the price of Apex Legends cosmetics, with many players feeling they are way too expensive, averaging $18 apiece.

The answer can from Respawn's "monetization guy," Ryan Rigney, can answer the answer through their director of communications.

The Price of Apex Legends Cosmetics

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BUNDLES: Starter bundles are one of the cheapest options to obtain exclusive skins
"Pricing is tricky and something we think about constantly."

Rigney's answer about the cost of Apex Legends cosmetics came in four parts and explained in-depth Respawn's thoughts behind how cosmetic items are prices.

First and foremost, he explains that Apex Legends worries about the gameplay first, which is not locked behind any monetization.

Players can freely download, enjoy, and compete in Apex Legends for absolutely free.

Not only that, but players can play to grind Legends Tokens and Crafting Materials to unlock new Legends and Cosmetics without having to pay a single dime.

This keeps the game from being pay-to-win.

Respawn also offers Prize Tracks, including the free track in the Battle Pass, so that players can obtain rewards of varying value just by playing the game.

That being said, Respawn is a small company, and they take a lot of time and care into creating their cosmetic items.

"We're hoping players understand this is something we're working hard to balance, but when you consider the full picture, it's a tough challenge. There's a lot players want from the Apex Universe, there's a lot we want to give, but we can't do that unless we're a healthy business at the end of the day"

Unlike larger games with larger teams, they cannot crank out cosmetic items as quickly as their competitors can, so they want to make sure the content they put out is the highest quality it can be.

By doing so, they divert a bit of attention away from the main game.

In the end, the goal of Apex Legends is to make a profit, and they need to make their money in some way.

The continued success of Apex Legends means Respawn needs to be able to sustain itself so it can keep putting out new content for players to enjoy.

While they try to keep players happy with as many freely earnable cosmetics as possible and try to keep prices as low as they can, they need to remain a healthy business.

Cosmetics Are Premium Items

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WILD: Cosmetic skins vary in design and detail

The following no longer references the AMA or Rigney's answers

While cosmetic items are a great way for players to customize their Apex Legends experience, they need to understand that many cosmetics are luxury items and unnecessary to enjoy Apex Legends fully.

Just because someone plays Apex Legends does not mean they are entitled to anything more than the developer provides them, especially when that game is free-to-play.

Players who do not wish to pay $18 for a cosmetic item have the option of not purchasing that item.

There are plenty of other cosmetic options available, like creating them with Crafting Materials, earning them through the Battle Pass, or purchasing them cheaper in Starter Packs or Editions.

Players who are Amazon Prime members can even earn free skins each month.

They may not be the exact skin a player wants, but in the end, cosmetic items have no bearing on actual gameplay.

Players who do end up buying cosmetic items can enjoy their new purchase knowing they are helping Respawn continue to provide a free and enjoyable experience for others in the foreseeable future.

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