Apex Legends' Caustic Getting New Buffs After Season 8 Nerfs

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In Apex Legends Season 8, Caustic received some nerfs related to his gas traps and grenades, limiting their damage and increasing their cooldown times.

During an AMA on Reddit the other day, lead designer Daniel Klein stated that Respawn will be revisiting Caustic concerning those nerfs, focusing on other Caustic aspects than gas damage output.


Season 9 Caustic Buffs

Apex Legends Caustic
CAUSTIC: Image credit RamzyKamen:DeviantArt

After the changes to Caustic last season, his win/loss ratios have not seen much movement, with the needle staying pretty steady to where it has been for quite some time.

However, Respawn has seen a drop in how many players are picking Caustic.


Klein stated that the team is looking at Caustics non-damage outputs, especially around gas traps.

“The goal is that people should be terrified of your gas and try to leave ASAP.”

There is no solid date on when players will see any new Caustic buffs, but Klein confirmed they would be coming during Season 9, which runs until August 2021.

The ultimate goal for Caustic is to keep his win/loss ratio where it is, but entice more players to pick him again.


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Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy
LEGACY: Valkyrie makes one hell of an introduction

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy is just a few weeks only, and runs until August 2021.


This new season brings a new Legend to Apex Legends, the jetpack riding Valkyrie, as well as the new Bocek bow.

A new game mode has also been added to Apex Legends, Arenas, featuring 3v3 gameplay over the course of several rounds.

Each round, players have the opportunity to purchase a loadout for the match before fighting to the death.

Apex Legends is free to play on the PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Soon, it will be coming to Mobile.