Revenant Buffs Teased by Apex Legends Developers

Revenant is not a popular character as of late, bottoming out on many Apex Legends tier lists.

While he is still deadly in the right hands, especially when paired with Octane, the use of Revenant has steadily dropped.

During a Q&A on Reddit, Apex Legends developers hinted that the simulacrum might get some much-needed player requested buffs.

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Apex Legends Revenant Buffs

Apex Legends Revenant
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REVENANT: Hated by many skin bags

Lead Apex Legends game designer, Daniel Z. Klein, responded to a question on Reddit about the current state of Revenant and if any Buffs were on the way.

The reply is sure to make Revenant fans happy, with Klein stating:

"Revenant's still weak and not particularly popular...We have a set of changes we're trying out internally at the moment and they feel fun and fine, but they'll probably not move the needle on power a lot."

While he claimed that the changes "Won't move the needle a lot," he then went on to say that "I can tell you he'll certainly climb to the top.”

While there were no specifics about any potential Revenant buffs, Revenant fans have something to look forward to for their favorite Legend if they are on the way.

With the recent leak of Revenant's potential Heirloom, it may be possible that changes to Revenant will come with the release of this scythe.

Only time will tell how much this will help Revenant take down more skin bags in the future, but the Legend can use all the help he can get to raise his favor with the masses.

Players who are interested in checking out the Q&A on Reddit can do so here.

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