Mirage Finally Gets His Own Apex Legends Edition

Respawn unveiled another new Apex Legends character edition, and this time, it’s the Apex Legends Mirage Edition.

The Apex Legends Mirage Edition is available now on all platforms, including EA Origin and Nintendo Switch, for $19.99.

As always with Apex character editions, the Mirage pack includes Apex Coins and a number of exclusive skins, all cowboy themed:

Legendary "Show Stopper" Mirage skin

Legendary "Mantlepiece" Volt SMG skin

Exclusive "Boots 'N All" gun charm

Exclusive "Holo Star" badge

1,000 Apex Coins

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Mirage Finally Gets His Own Apex Legends Edition.

If you don’t have Mirage on your squad already, the Apex Coins in the pack are enough to purchase him and some additional items.

However, if you’re wanting just the character and not the skins, you can buy the necessary Apex Coins for just $9.99.

Mirage is one of the only characters to remain largely unchanged in the big Apex Legends Legacy patch.

Where characters such as Lifeline received significant downgrades to certain abilities, Mirage received no debuffs or buffs.

Still, that’s not always a bad thing.

Mirage is one of the game’s oldest characters, and having a steady favorite to rely on in new modes such as Apex Legends Arena mode is something we won’t complain about.

[Source: Respawn]

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