UPDATE: Apex Legend First Look at Revenant's Heirloom

Apex Legends Heirlooms are an interesting piece of the popular battle royal game.

They are purely cosmetic but highly sought after due to their rarity and difficulty to obtain.

With only a handful of Legends currently having an Heirloom available in-game, fans are always eagerly awaiting the release of a new one.

Now, there is some information pertaining to an Heirloom for Revenant.

First Look at Revenant's Heirloom

With an early peek at the heirloom leaked by @Shrugtal, a while back, it seems their information panned out.

Recently, @alphaINTEL posted a video of Revenant's new heirloom, Dead Man's Curve, on Twitter.

Every Legend's Heirloom is a reflection of their personality or character.

Being an avatar of death, a sickle is the most appropriate item one could think of for the Simulacrum hitman.

Other than this WIP image, there is no other information about when the Heirloom will release, though many fans are hoping sometime during Season 9.

Obtaining Heirlooms

The hardest items to obtain in-game, Heirlooms must be crafted using Heirloom Shards.

Currently, the only wait to obtain these shards is through pure luck, though some have previously been available during certain events.

Players have a 1-in-500 chance of getting 150 Heirloom Shards from Apex Crates, which can be used to purchase an Heirloom from the in-game store.

There is a hard pity in place for those who open 499 Apex Crates with no luck.

On the 500th Apex Crate, a player who has not pulled any Heirloom shards is guaranteed to get some.

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