WATCH: iiTzTimmy Most Insane Recent Apex Legends Clips

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Due to his 55-hour stream, Timmy' iiTzTimmy' An has recently become a well-known Apex Legends streamer. With his incredible experience, he can turn many bad situations to his advantage. In this post, I have gathered three of his most death-defying clips, including one bonus where he goes up against Félix' xQc' Lengyel.

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Best iiTzTimmy Apex Legends Clips

I disagree with the title of this video, but it does not disappoint. iiTzTimmy starts in an advantageous position and is cocky, but he gets surrounded within seconds after the clip starts. It is slowly but surely that he uses the tactics of his enemies against them to kill each player one by one.

At one point, he even dodges shots mid-air while he heals. Top Apex Legends play.

This next one is nothing less than action hero status. iiTzTimmy has to choose between falling off of an edge or getting shot to death. That choice is made for him as he falls through an opening and tries to save himself from a fall that isn't supporting his grappling hook.


Watch him use an unorthodox trick to get back into the game.

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Initially, iiTzTimmy doesn't notice anything amiss until he notices players huddled together in a tower. His strategy is to intentionally put himself in their position to have a shootout that is extremely close and where he is outnumbered on all sides. He has manic tendencies.


I am an xQc fan, but I'm not 100% sure which one was xQc. I believe that Goblin is xQc, but the chat points out that he's in there.

iiTzTimmy is likely to continue growing in the Apex Legends community. I am keeping an eye on his activities because he is a top player, without a doubt.