T-Pain Says Streamers Like NICKMERCS Are Ruining Apex Legends For Casual Players

Apex Legends has been growing in popularity since Warzone became plagued by issues. The game has increased due in part to the popularity of streamers and pros. Surprisingly, some people aren't happy about this situation.

T-Pain, a well-known rapper, has become a popular streamer. Apex Legends is one of his games, and he hates the new push of players. These players have made the game exceptionally sweaty, he says.

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T-Pain plays Apex Legends

Some people dislike competitions and games that feel like work instead of being fun. In Fortnite, players who try too hard are called "Sweats," but Apex Legends also seems to have its share. Initially, this was a tweet about Titan Fall 2 but ended up being about Apex Legends.

Tweet discovered orginally by Dexerto.

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Streamers like Nicholas' NICKMERCS' Kolcheff, Timothy' TimTheTatman' Betar, and Jack' CouRageJD' Dunlop strive incredibly hard at their games. Having a fun environment is their job, and it works when they're good at the games they play. Few have mentioned the kind of environment it forces casual players to deal with.

Indeed, people try hard in ranked modes, but casual has some of the same top players. Making the game hard or sweaty. The following is a quote from T-Pain:

"Apex is like a sauna sitting outside in the middle of Arizona it's so sweaty. If @NICKMERCS is having a good time playing a game, you're probably not gonna have a good time playing that game."

I find it interesting that all of these players are being brought in by Streamers have downsides. Does it necessarily mean that it's a bad thing? I am not so sure, but it does create a change in the environment that might not have existed before.

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