Shroud Says There Should Be No Crossplay in Tournaments For Apex Legends and Warzone

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Crossplay has created a lot of controversy in the Apex Legends and Warzone communities. Several issues have divided them, including FOV and Aim Assist. The solution provided by Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek is more on the keyboard and mouse side than the controller side.

When it comes to playing for money, clout, or whatever the tournament's purpose is, crossplay should be avoided. It would solve the issues associated with crossplay, but it would eliminate many opportunities for those who do not play on a PC. There is a solution, but it won't satisfy the entire Apex Legends and Warzone community.


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Crossplay on Apex Legends and Warzone

His chat asked Shroud, "how does Shroud feel about controller players?" He replied that it was great to have controller players. He is not concerned with crossplay in casual play. Who cares about crossplay when everyone is here to have fun?

When Shroud got to his point regarding Tournaments, the opinion completely changed.


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Crossplay needed to be ended in tournaments, according to Shroud. Crossplay is a significant issue of contention in both Apex Legends and Warzone. In many ways, cutting out crossplay would solve many problems. In the words of Shroud:

"There's nothing wrong with controller players; there's nothing wrong with crossplay. It's really, really simple, and nobody can argue… When you're playing competitively, separate them. Done. That's it. It's that easy. All you're problems go away… When you're playing for money… Pride, clout, whatever the f*** you're playing for, just separate the two; it's that easy."

To improve on games like Apex Legends and Warzone, this is an extraordinarily drastic step. I don't believe many players who use the controller would agree with Shroud, especially those who use the controller on PC. Although it is a solution, it isn't the best one.


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