WATCH: ShivFPS Tricked Into Crashing Apex Legends

Although Apex Legends has its fair share of bugs, many people are unaware of them. Shivam 'ShivFPS' Patel has now become fully aware of a bug that continues to plague players. ShivFPS was asked what appeared to be an innocent question at the right time.

In fairness, it seems innocent at first glance, but knowing that ShivFPS was doing the same thing raises suspicions. After a match in Apex Legends ranked, the streamer was just chilling in the banner scene. Since the commenter knew his question would make ShivFPS wait a little too long where the crash occurs, I doubt this was an innocent mistake.

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Apex Legends Banner Crash

ShivFPS was asked by a viewer why his game crashed when he looked too long at banners. That's the same screen ShivFPS was on when he listened to the question and began answering it. Since the streamer stayed on the stream to help the commenter, the same thing happened to him.

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I've never seen such perfect timing. I love the talking Twitch donations because we get these hilarious moments when streamers fall into the easiest traps. As a bonus, here is a video that explains exactly what I mean.

ShrivFPS claims that turning off banner animation stops crashes, but crashes are reported with and without the animation. The only way to prevent the crash is to avoid staring at the screen. Although it's not a real fix, at least this won't happen.

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