"You're Welcome, B****!" - NICKMERCS Describes Helping iiTzTimmy During The 54-Hour Stream

It's astounding to see how many people supported Timmy' iiTzTimmy' An during his 54-hour Apex Legends stream to Predator. As we mentioned in a previous article, some people actively tried to harm him. I find it heartwarming to see a big name like Nicholas' NICKMERCS' Kolcheff jump in to help a smaller streamer and then gift them subs.

In a twist of fate, NICKMERCS jumped into matchmaking with iiTzTimmy while streaming offline. Timmy already felt the effects of staying up so late at this point. Luckily, NICKMERCS clutched an Apex Legends Ranked match to the point where he shortened the time needed to reach Predator by an hour.

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The video begins with NICKMERCS setting the scene. He was playing with a friend, but then the friend left, and Nick didn't want to get off yet. That's how he matched up with iiTzTimmy, and he made sure to play his best game.

It feels like an older brother helping out his little brother in a game. Nick completely clutches the game and helps iiTzTimmy push himself to Apex Predator. While Timmy thinks his mic is off, he talks a bit of smack, making Nick laugh.

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What's even cooler is that NICKMERCS gives iiTzTimmy 100 subs as a sign of support. iiTzTimmy is pretty popular, but NICKMERCS is at the top of the Twitch world at the moment. It's good to see him pay it forward and do what he can to help everyone out.

There are plenty more stories of iiTzTimmy meeting big names as he pushes himself through Apex Legends, but this one is now my favorite.

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