Apex Legends Season 10 Community Wishlist: Server Improvements, Cross Progression, Skins, Reworks, and New Legends

Apex Legends has an extremely vocal fan and player base, there's always some kind of discussion taking place, whether that be on Twitter, Reddit, Discord or otherwise.

With Season 10 on the horizon, we're all busy climbing the Apex Legends ranked ladder but we were curious what the community wanted Respawn to change. We expect plenty of differences next season from others, so stay in the loop with the latest Apex Legends patch notes.

Below you can find a compilation of players' grievances as well as some wishes for the next season.

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Apex Legends Season 10 Community Wishlist

Though Apex Legends players may seem a little forward when it comes to voicing their thoughts on the title's current state, they do so because they're passionate about the game and want it to be at it's full potential. Below you can find a few opinions we picked from various social media postings.

Server Improvements

The results are in and it seems the majority of the community are in agreement on one major flaw in Apex Legends as of Season 9, servers.

If you've recently come back to the game or are a long time player, no doubt you've had your fair share of lag or disconnection induced rage. Respawn have even addressed the issue multiple times via Twitter.

One player went as far as to say, "A functioning game and servers" when asked on Reddit what they wanted for Season 10.

Cross Progression

From the beginning of console wars, players have been hoping for cross progression in some of their favourite titles. It's fairly common for a player to switch from console to PC or vice versa, if you've been playing on console for over a year, without cross progression all that work becomes pretty meaningless, there's no way to carry it over.

Many in the community have been shouting from the rooftops at Respawn to implement this feature, some believe they haven't either due to monetary gain or it's simply too hard and prone to failing. I'm currently feeling like I did when I realised I left my Tamagotchi alone for years but this time it's Bloodhound and I feel way more guilty!

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With Summer approaching, and Loba existing comes a swarm begging for a Loba swimsuit skin. The majority of legends are fairly covered up in most skins so it would be interesting to see how Respawn would keep it modest, otherwise they may just decide to change things up. Overall it seems fairly unlikely but Loba stans can keep their fingers crossed.

As with each season we should see a bunch of new skins in general, many feel that the R301 is deserving of some love and others are desperate to see some new sides to Mirage. Overall, like every season, things should switch up, it all depends on the theme of Season 10.


Reworks tend to be a bit of a dicey topic between players, if you think their main needs one, they'll tell you every reason youre wrong. These changes can greatly impact the pickrate for a certain legend, though it can lead to explotation if the character is too strong.

Some players have mentioned Fuse getting a rework, he has a great concept but doesn't seem powerful as you would expect once in-game or in your squad.

New Legend

Lastly on the community wishlist, although many players have created concepts for the next legends to enter the battlefield, a common suggestion is more to do with the character's role

At the moment there's only one support that could really be classed as a healer, Lifeline. Plenty members of the community are desperately awaiting an alternative, many feel that if they don't have a Lifeline in the squad it's downhill from there.

That's it for our community wishlist compilation! Bearing in mind that everyone has different opinions and ideas, if yours isn't here then no sweat. We'll see you in Season 10 of Apex Legends, fingers crossed some of these changes will be made... Server fixes please!

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