Apex Legends ranked Arenas will release in Season 10

EA is continuing E3 season with its EA Play Live conferences streamed live on Twitch and YouTube. The first of its offerings is the Future of FPS conference, which includes input from Apex Legends’ game director Chad Grenier.

With players dissatisfied with the state of Apex Legends ranked and the latest Apex Legends patch notes doing little to assuage fears that hackers can easily gain access to the game, this is a chance to speak directly to fans and lay out a vision for the future of the battle royale game.

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Apex Legends ranked Arenas release date

However, Grenier shed some light on the future of Arenas, Apex Legends’ skirmish mode. “Battle royale will continue to be a primary focus for us,” he tells host Stella Chung. “In Season 10 we will be releasing a ranked version of Arenas.”

Ranked Arenas is something that players have been requesting for a long time, as the current mode is too casual. With BLAST Titans introducing the first official Arenas esports tournament, too, it’s a good time to be an Arenas player.

Players will hope that Arenas ranked will incorporate heavy penalties for abandoning matches, as going a player down is basically a death sentence at present. They will also be keeping their fingers crossed that the mode isn’t plagued with the same problems as the regular ranked mode, where cheaters and DDOS attacks are rampant. 

Apex Legends Season 10 already looks like it will provide some exciting moments for players, including a potential new character and some map changes to King’s Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus. We’re expecting World’s Edge to have the biggest overhaul - and we hope that Rampart can fix up train, as we’re having so much fun zipping around on it in the Genesis Collection Event.

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