NICKMERCS Says Apex Legends Wouldn't Be Popular Without Its Ranked Mode

Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff made some excellent points about Apex Legends Ranked. According to him, their ranked system is a big reason why the game is so popular. He even says that without the ranked system, the game wouldn't have picked up in traction.

There is no secret that being a Predator is a big deal within that community, but is that the only reason people like the game? Apex Legends also have a good Weapontier list and high anticipation for season 11. It's also worth mentioning Splitgate, which doesn't have a very good ranking system but has gained a lot of popularity from its gameplay.

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According to NICKMERCS, every competitive game needs a good ranking system. He mentioned Halo, Counterstrike, and League of Legends as examples. These are games that have stood the test of time and have a sizable multiplayer scene.

Thank you to the talented writer from Dexerto, Brad Norton, for finding the clip.

To quote Nick:

"A good ranked mode is what kind of like keeps the longevity of a game. I mean, bro, games can go on forever. Counterstrike, League of Legends, I mean, these are games that came out so long ago, and they're still just on fire with crazy traction because of these good ranked modes."

A great ranking system was used by Ubisoft when they created Assassin's Creed games with multiplayer modes. Also, they had a great multiplayer system, but we'll talk about that another time. Even so, their multiplayer mode was popular because players received rewards for moving up, such as video clips, along with an excellent rank.

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