New Apex Legends Holospray Is More Expensive Than Titanfall 2

Cosmetics are a divisive part of Apex Legends. As cool as some of them look, players can rack up large bills as new designs and recolours of old skins appear in the store. With Apex Legends Season 11 on the horizon and a bunch of Bloodhound lore and Halloween events before then, there's no sign of the skins slowing down any time soon.

None of the cosmetics give players a competitive advantage (with a few exceptions on some weapon skins), so all this money is spent just to look cool. After all, there aren't any prizes for the best dressed Legend, but it's sometimes nice to flex on your way to the top of the Apex Legends ranked ladder, isn't it?

However, some prices just take the biscuit. We didn't mind paying a bit to support the ALGS Championship, but the latest Holospray in the store is just too much.

New Apex Legends Holospray Is More Expensive Than Titanfall 2

The offending Holospray is this one, which costs 1,000 Apex Coins - or around $10.

Nessy sits on a gold throne against a purple background.
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And yeah, it's pretty cool. We get it, Nessy is sat on a golden throne. And the fact that it costs $10 means that it's the biggest flex to throw it on someone's death box after you've 1v3ed their team.

But we realised you can buy Titanfall 2 for less than this singular Holospray. GameStop sells pre-owned copies of the greatest FPS of all time for $4.99 on Xbox One or $6.99 on PlayStation 4.

Titanfall 2 not only has a stunning campaign (which sheds some light on the lore of Apex Legends), but a great multiplayer mode for when the Apex servers are down.

We can see the appeal of a Nessy Holospray, but take our advice. Buy Titanfall 2. Take some time to play it and enjoy it. You don't need another Holospray, you need Titanfall 2. There aren't any microtransactions in there.

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