Apex Legends Old Ways, New Dawn Event - Where to Drop, How to Track, and More

Bloodhound is one of the OG Apex Legends characters, and the Nordic tracker has been a fan favourite right from the start. As well as having lots of lore, an Apex Legends Bloodhound event coming in the near future offers more treats for the Recon Legend's fans. Named Old Ways, New Dawn, the event promises a new skin and plenty of lore for all the loyal Bloodhound mains out there.

Respawn has also shown them plenty of love - they have remained near the top of our Apex Legends tier list since the game's conception, thanks to scanning abilities that their detractors label wallhacks.

But this isn't about their gameplay, as the next event in Apex Legends Season 10 is a story-based event that focuses on Bloodhound and the mysterious White Raven, as they try to stop Hammond Industries from destroying their home planet of Talos - where the World's Edge map is located.

When Is the Apex Legends Old Ways, New Dawn Bloodhound Story Event Start Date?

The Apex Legends Bloodhound story event starts on September 29.

With teasers suggesting that Apex Legends Season 11 will revolve around Bangalore - at least lore-wise - Bloodhound is set to take the stage for one last Season 10 bow.

How to Activate the Old Ways, New Dawn Event

Here's what Respawn says you need to do in order to activate the Old Ways, New Dawn event in your Apex Legends games:

  • Play as Bloodhound in a non-ranked battle royale match
  • All challenges occur on World’s Edge, Bloodhound’s home
  • Look out for a white raven to "trigger the beginning of your hunt"

Respawn also offers the following advice:

  • Players are assigned unique paths to chase, so even if multiple Bloodhound players are going for the challenge at the same time, they’ll be able to avoid overlap with others
  • You’ll be able to resume your journey from a checkpoint if you aren't able to complete it in a single game

Here's our good friend Shrugtal with the potential locations of the white raven. You'll have to check each of these spots until you find it:

Handily, there will be a little yellow circle on your map if you have clicked start quest to tell you where to go. Once you've found the white raven, interact with it and begin Chapter 2 - tracking the Prowler.

However, the subsequent chapters will only unlock on specific dates.

Apex Legends Old Ways, New Dawn Chapters

There are five parts to the Bloodhound story event in Apex Legends. It starts with a prologue, ends with a finale, and there are three chapters in between. We expect the five story-based missions to run in a similar fashion to Loba's in Season 5, and we'll update this guide as soon as we know the requirements for each.

The actual chapters won't involve much combat, they'll just use the game to tell the story as time goes on. It's worth logging in to complete these little challenges, as if you complete them all you'll be rewarded with three Bloodhound packs - more on those later.


Available on September 29.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is playable from September 29, after finishing the prologue. You have to track an injured Prowler through World's Edge - simply follow the prompts to find it.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is playable from October 2. It happens in much the same way as the previous chapters, in that you have to drop into World's Edge as Bloodhound, find the white raven, and track the injured Prowler across the map. Good luck!

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is playable from October 5. You once again need to find the White Raven and track the injured prowler on World's Edge. The location of the White Raven should be marked on your minimap with a gold icon, which should be next to The Epicenter.

Finale - New Dawn

The final went live alongside Chapter 3, bringing a conclusion to this intriguing and enjoyable in-game quest for Bloodhound.

It all begins in the Firing Range. Once inside, head left towards the dropship platform, where you should find a green control panel you can interact with to call in a dropship. There's no need to pick up any weapons or armor along the way, there's no combat to worry about.

Once onboard the ship Bloodhound will be taken to World’s Edge. Follow the bloody tracks for the inevitable conclusion of the quest, which we won't go into anymore as we don't want to spoil it for you.

When the quest eventually ends you'll be sent back to the main Apex Legends lobby and shall receive three Bloodhound Apex Packs.

A tracker showing the chapters for the Apex Legends Old Ways, New Dawn event.
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What Are The Bloodhound Event New Skins?

You receive three Bloodhound Packs as rewards for completing the story challenges.

The packs will each contain an item for Bloodhound that is Rare rarity or higher, that you don't already have. If you've been playing a while and have unlocked everything for the tracker, then we're not quite sure what will happen, but it's worth finding out even if you just get Crafting Metals.

You can also buy a lore skin for Bloodhound from the store as a part of this event.

Here's what the skin looks like, courtesy of Reddit user Wattsonmaster667:

Bloodhound wearing a red skin and carrying their raven on their arm.
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The Niflheim Hundr skin also has a lore snippet with it, which will read:

"In a battle for their very soul, Bloodhound traveled to an otherworldly realm of mists to either defeat or be defeated by these ethereal manifestations of their sins, sins they believed were the reason for Talos' impending destruction."

The skin is bundled with an event-exclusive Prowler skin and banner frame for Bloodhound, the latter of which shows Viking-esque ships sailing.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Lore - What Do We Know So Far?

Being one of the original characters in the game, we have loads of Bloodhound lore to feast on - although they still remain somewhat of a mystery.

Another Bloodhound event back in Season 4 introduced the Trials POI to World's Edge, but to get up to speed we suggest watching their Legends from the Outlands lore video:

We will update this guide with the full requirements for each stage when we hear more, as well as keeping you up to date with official announcements and rewards as they are released.

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